Vase Buy-Back Program

Want free flowers? Yes, tell me how!

We know you’re all about that vase (head nod to Megan Trainor) … just not about them overflowing – in your pantry – under your china hutch – or any other spot you can hide them. 

No worries! With our Vase Buy-Back Program,  you can trade those pesky vases for something even more beautiful …  Bonus Blooms and FREE delivery to the KC Metro Area on your next purchase. 

All of our vases are tagged with a special sticker and discount code to use when checking out for your next purchase. When we arrive, we’ll exchange your old vase with your new ❀✿ blooms. ❀✿ 

No. We mark vases valid for the vase buy-back program with a branded sticker and coupon code. 

In exchange for your vase – we’ll pack your next order with BONUS BLOOMS & deliver it to the KC Metro area for FREE

Look at the bottom of your KC Flower Truck vase. There, you will find the special coupon code. Enter this coupon code during checkout for your next purchase.

It will activate FREE Shipping to the KC Metro Area and let us know to pack in some BONUS BLOOMS too!