Life Is Blooming One Petal At A Time

KC Flower Truck | PETALER at the Fall Chic Event

Something great is taking root this winter in Kansas City. While the dreaming and planning of bringing a flower truck to Kansas City have been in the works for quite some time, the hustle of setting up shop and building the business is finally here! Join us on this journey and keep an eye out for pop-up events in the KC Metro area Spring 2019!


Sarah Pickert

Hey there, flower friend!

I’m Sarah Pickert, the face and ♥ behind KC Flower Truck | PETALER.

For me, there are few things more fulfilling than pulling up to a special event or wedding in our flower truck and seeing people’s faces light up with joy and inspiration.

As a Kansas City Florist & Artist, I partner with:

  • individuals to create memorable event settings for guests
  • employers to facilitate team building and further develop connections in their corporate culture
  • retailers to originate activation experiences to draw in more foot traffic to their locations

Let me join you in the little and big moments because WE WILL CELEBRATE …

“for life is short – but sweet for certain” – DMB