Frequently Asked Questions

Learn some more about The Petaler – Kansas City’s Flower Truck and browse some of the questions we’re asked the most.

Flower Truck Questions

Where Is The Truck Today

What Is The Price Range On The Truck?

  • We price our petals per stem. They range from $1 – $7 … that way, everyone will be able to make a flower bouquet that fits their budget .. big or small.

What Payment Types Do You Take On The Truck?

  • We take credit cards, debit cards and cash for payments.

Does The Flower Truck Run Year-Round?

  • We operate flower truck pop-ups from March (or when the KC weather starts to break) to mid-December (weather permitting).
  • During the off-season, we offer bouquet & flower arrangement deliveries, arrangement workshops, private flower bouquet bar pop-ups and special event floral services.

Flower Questions

Where Do You Get Your Flowers?

  • We source our flowers from Kansas & Missouri cut flower farmers as often as we can. Look for the “I’m Local” sign on our buckets.
  • When they’re not directly from local farmers, we partner with locally owned wholesalers based here in Kansas City.

How Long Will My Flowers Last?

  • Each petal and stem’s vase life differs – but feedback from our customers tell us about  10-14 days.
  • Get the most from your flower bouquet and use some flower care tips and tricks to make those blooms last!

Can I Request A Special Bloom?

  • For private event flower truck rentals and bouquet bars, you most certainly can request a specific bloom. Pending its availability, we’ll do our best to have it.
  • For flower truck pop-ups we like to keep it local … and in-season. That way, we’ll be able to provide you the best quality and most unique selection of petals and stems.

Ordering Questions

Can I Order A Flower Bouquet For Delivery?

  • You can! Head on over to our flower shop online and make your selection.

Do Deliveries Come Via That Cute Vintage Truck?

  • Not always is the short answer. Remember, she’s an antique – read more about our vintage flower truck – and she needs some rest now-and-again.

How Do I Cancel My Flower Subscription?

  • You’re welcome to cancel your flower subscription by contacting us using this form.

Event Floral Services

What Floral Services Do You Offer?

  • We offer deliveries, subscriptions, special event florals, and flower truck rentals.

Can I Book The Truck For My Special Event?

  • Yes. We book flower truck rentals in the Kansas City Area. Tell us a little more about your event and we’ll start the conversation.

Do You Do Event Floral For Weddings?

  • Yes. We book a limited number of wedding events each season. Complete our wedding consultation form to get started.

Do You Host Workshops?

  • We host workshops about once a quarter. Check our calendar for upcoming workshops!